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Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Ministry Musings


She called me her mentor tonight. Fear immediately seized me as I sat frozen while replaying the word in my head. Mentor, mentor, mentor. The moments where I failed to model the character of Christ flickered in my mind over and over again as…

June 27, 2020

The Advocate for Those in Alcatraz

A little over a mile off the coast of the San Fransisco bay stands the Alcatraz Prison on a small, singular island. The prison was notorious for being the penitentiary for the worst of the worst criminals during its hay day between the late…

May 25, 2020

Do You Hear The Voice?

In 1994 my mom bought a 6 disc CD player with three-foot speakers on each side. This historical piece of quality musical artistry defined my childhood in many ways. The following year, the American romance movie Waiting to Exhale directed by Forest Whitaker made…

May 13, 2020
Christian Hedonmism Grief Lament Repentance

Hope in the God of the Barley Harvest

Everyone I know is looking for hope right now. Yearning for a deeper meaning behind this pandemic, isolation, sickness, and these unprecedented moments. Some are reaching for the refrigerator door hoping food will calm them. Others are reaching for the counterfeit community through social…

March 29, 2020
The Creative Press

I Missed You

It had been years since she even looked at me. I miss the days when she would depend on me, and put me first in her life. I was just collecting dust like all the other books on her shelf, but the difference is…

March 15, 2020