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    What is a Georgia peach if not first a seed? What is a beautifully glazed vase if not first a lump of clay on a potter’s wheel? What is a fully grown human with…

    April 25, 2021
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    I Missed You

    It had been years since she even looked at me. I miss the days when she would depend on me, and put me first in her life. I was just collecting dust like all…

    March 15, 2020
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    Nothing Is Wasted

    Where One Farmer’s Wife Places Her Hope A farmer’s wife.  I really had no idea what that entailed when I met my farmer.  I knew risks were involved since there is heavy machinery, however…

    November 6, 2019
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    Baby Girl

    From the womb to the world To the time I looked into your eyes, That gift from God I stopped and sighed. For I knew knowledge must be given To this precious child, The…

    October 30, 2019
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    Lord’s Day Morning

    A Long-Form Poem by Casey Groover In the morning, Heaven will meet earth as Creator and creation commune together. He will call them; He has called them, and in the morning they respond by…

    October 24, 2019
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    Porch Visits

    My husband and I just left the porch of dear friends and my heart is heavy; heavy because it’s stirring. We were told to stop by, “No need to text,” and did just that. …

    October 16, 2019