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  • Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Ministry Musings


    She called me her mentor tonight. Fear immediately seized me as I sat frozen while replaying the word in my head. Mentor, mentor, mentor. The moments where I failed to model the character of…

    June 27, 2020
  • Musings

    Do You Hear The Voice?

    In 1994 my mom bought a 6 disc CD player with three-foot speakers on each side. This historical piece of quality musical artistry defined my childhood in many ways. The following year, the American…

    May 13, 2020
  • Dreams Musings Poetry Writing

    Commonly Uncommon

    The common womanIn a common homeWith a common vocationLonging to be known. The common woman In a common town With a common life More lost than she is found. The common woman Is you.…

    December 12, 2019
  • Adoption Marriage Ministry Musings Poetry

    Father’s Love

    Father’s Love.It looks good on you.I see how you draw him close to you,Close enough for himTo hear you breatheBeing calmed as your chestRises and falls,You make it look easy to do.Your smile gives…

    December 10, 2019
  • Dreams Musings Poetry

    The Trails of Creativity

    I followed the trail in the pathways of my mindDimly lit by the light of intrigue.This trail led me to a place never seen before, Where a colony of new ideas, new colors, new…

    November 18, 2019
  • Musings

    Friday Introductions

    Hey there! I’m Louisa. Wife of Brian. Poet. AND I’m a new momma of a precious 8 month old (9 months in a couple days) baby boy named Jonathan. Here are a few things…

    November 8, 2019
  • Musings

    I Keep Waiting

      You know that feeling after you have had a really good cry when you kind of just stare off into oblivion with a stuffy nose and swollen eyes? For me, that’s how I…

    May 2, 2019
  • Musings

    On Turning 30

    I wore white patent leather shoes with white stockings, a white frilly dress with accented pink crocheted roses, tiny white gloves that matched my hat perfectly. It was Easter Sunday and my biological father’s…

    November 27, 2017
  • Christian Hedonmism Musings

    What Great Mysteries

      The more growth that takes place in the garden of my heart towards the things of Heaven and not of earth, I am routinely met with more mysteries that I do not understand.…

    November 7, 2017