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Commonly Uncommon

December 12, 2019

The common woman
In a common home
With a common vocation
Longing to be known.
The common woman
In a common town
With a common life
More lost than she is found.
The common woman
Is you.
The common woman
Is me.
The common woman
With a common life
Waits patiently
Until the common becomes
And if it doesn’t,
Then, the common becomes less unimpressive
More of a place to settle into beauty
That the uncommon will never know.
The stars at night, though all too familiar
Have come to be, for many
The most common of the night sky.
Somehow, though,
There is always one soul
Who is captivated by the commonality
Of starlit nights.
They move heaven and earth
To escape the uncommon
To find rest in the common.
Come, find rest with me

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