Dreams Musings Poetry

The Trails of Creativity

November 18, 2019

I followed the trail in the pathways of my mind
Dimly lit by the light of intrigue.
This trail led me to a place never seen before,
Where a colony of new ideas, new colors, new thoughts
Would grow along its streets.
I bent my lamp with eyes fixed on all things new
The buddings of creatures, words, and imaginative wonders
Began to parade around in all their grandeur.
Before I could continue any further,
I was lead to the ink
The parchment to safely land
Where my creativity ran wild
As it all makes its way through my hand.
I am most assured
That God must have done the same
Right before you He stood
On the brink of something new.
The trails and pathways of His mind
Magnificently lit by the light of love,
This trail led Him to me
As everything He created
Everything He is
Made alive in humanity.

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