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It Was Night

November 6, 2019

It was night.
I could feel the ocean waves
Gently tickle my feet
As I stood in the shallow waters
My God, I longed to meet.

It was night.
The water now to my waist
Now longer a tickle,
But a pull to the deep
I began to weep.

It was night.
Now I was submerged
Water, many waters, covered my head
No breath to be held
Only fear, shame, and dread.

It was night.
No life in my lungs
A decision to die
Here in this ocean wide
My tears become the raging tides.

It was night.
The blackest darkness I have ever known
The arm of my Rescuer took me in
Drew me out of many waters, home.

It is day.
It was He who lit my lamp
With the kiss of the Morning Sun
New mercies are now my own
The LORD , my God, lightens my darkness.

It is day.
I now stand in a broad place
He rescued me
Because it was His delight
To set me free.

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  • Reply Jennifer King November 6, 2019 at 2:25 pm

    Beautiful! This rekindled that feeling I had a couple years ago, when I felt like I was “drowning” until He pushed me to the surface! I specifically remember that feeling of Him taking over and renewing me in that moment,.. just like my lungs finally filling with fresh air! xo

    • Reply admin November 6, 2019 at 2:41 pm


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