The Creative Press

Baby Girl

October 30, 2019

From the womb to the world
To the time I looked into your eyes,
That gift from God
I stopped and sighed.
For I knew knowledge must be given
To this precious child,
The seed that needed planted
From God’s Holy Words were reconciled.
The work would be hard
To carry you straight,
The understanding views
I could not hesitate
To mention God’s love,
And how you came to me.
A blessing from God
You will always be.

My mom has always been an inspiration to me when it comes to writing. Her desire to bless others through her writing has always captivated my heart. She writes mostly for others to see her heart. It’s her very own language, I believe, when verbalizing her feelings is just too difficult. Poetry gives shape to the chaos for her. I love my mom’s writer’s heart. A creator creating in a dark world to bring light in the hopeless places. I love you, Mom.

In this picture you will see my sisters and I getting our photograph taken. I’m the one on my sister’s lap. She is trying her hardest not to pop off her new press on nails!

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