Grief Lament

About Last Night-Spoken Word

August 24, 2019

I dreamed of you last night.

Your face so perfectly vivid.

Even the scent of you was so real

That I mistook my dreams for reality.

I’ve been doing that lately.

I saw your smile again.

The way it was before

The ground beneath us crumbled,

The way an earthquake

Makes skyscrapers fall into tiny bits

Or a puff of breath

Blows down a house of cards.

And when I awoke

I was reminded of the devastation

That still continues to linger.

The empty places that same precious face

I saw in my dreams last night

Would fill my moments.

Reality is the house of cards has fallen.


“About last night…”

I start to say to myself.


“Thank you, God, for wrecking my world.”

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