Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Womanhood

Together- Reflection on Discipleship

August 17, 2019


I was ready to do you good.
To be present with you
The way a mother holds her nursing child
Close to her breast in the stillness of the night
And sings the lullabies of trust,
While her child is calmed.
So, I, nourish you with truth that is offered through our Saviors Words.

I was ready to not only share the Gospel with you,
But my whole self.
My mind, body, soul.
All that I was
In order that you might fully comprehend
What is the breadth, height, and length of our Father’s love.
With me.
Although I failed to perfectly show you the righteousness of Christ,
Where I fall short,
We, together, find His perfection
In the black ink written on rice paper.
We hear Him together as the pages of His book crinkle in our ears
As we ravenously consume more.
And it’s in these moments together,
In the quiet.
In the forging of our souls together
Like David and Jonathan,
A knitting of a mysterious kind begins.
As we learn together
To commune with our Creator,
The bonds of familial love weave our faith together
Into a body.
The body of a beautifully adorned bride
Who eagerly awaits the kiss of her groom.
We will wait.

**I have been a spiritual mother. I have failed miserably. I have caused my precious children in the Lord to stumble. However, I have been affectionately desirous of each of my daughters in the Lord. I desire to show a gentle patience to their person, while seeking them out in order to gain them. I do not mean gain them in the sense that they become mine, but I gain them as part of my spiritual family. Their spiritual and eternal welfare and salvation is what I have been earnestly desirous of. With readiness to do them good, imparting to them, not just the Gospel, but also my soul, I have been willing to run into hazards, venture into the unknown, as well as spend and be spent for their souls. Not perfectly… I have done a deep, deep disservice in my failings as a spiritual mother. Just like any parent does, I also have caused damage. But God’s grace is there to show Himself a better Father than I could ever be. My prayer is that my spiritual children spread abroad to left and to the right of this earth. That they would people the desolate cities where Christ’s name is not known. My prayer is that my spiritual children reach the nations for Christ as arrows from my quiver, while taking down the cunning enemy. My prayer is that the Lord grants me more spiritual children in spite of my failures as a disciple maker. Call it what you will: mentorship, discipleship, mothership… God, I pray you will always allow me to be a  spiritual mother.**

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