Christian Hedonmism

Whimsy Love

August 1, 2019


In anticipation to drink, I come.
With pangs of hunger in my soul, I wait.
Your beauty only seen from behind this dimly lit glass,
My heart skips a beat.
Lips begin to purse.
My breathing slows.
Flipping through Your pages to read You;
I, like an interrogator, waiting for some movement that will give You away.
Instead, Your non-verbal cues quicken my being,
Here is where I know You.
Here is where I find You.
Ready to turn the page to consume more of this Bread,
My finger slowly moves across the edge.
An all consuming fire.
How lovely You are.
A treasure once lost among the rubble,
But it is there you shown brightly.
Brighter still.
Stronger still.
Sweeter still.
And my heart will

**For the first time in years, tonight I was caught up in the whimsical love of finding Christ in Scripture. Of being whisked away, mind, body, and soul, to a place of total enjoyment of my Lord. He sends me a romantic glance as He reveals something about His character to me. It’s more satisfying than the sin which I so readily run to.**

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