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Open Hands and Questions

July 5, 2019


I come before You with open hands.
I come before You all my questions.
I come before You desiring to be obedient.

Oh Lord, how do I mourn
Someone not yet passed on from this life,
But passed on from my heart,
Passed on from before my eyes?

God, should memories flood my mind
What do I do with them?
Do I celebrate the good
Leave the rest behind?

Father, the imprint of another’s heart
One You fashioned and shaped,
Has left its mark
Becoming a piece of unrecognizable art…
Is it a piece I should despise?

You know, Oh God,
I’ve lived and lost,
Counted all that has come my way as joy,
But this… this is too hard.
I need Your strength
To lovingly forget…
Is this my only choice? To just forget?
To count it all as loss?
Every moment?

Yahweh, You are the source of all good…
Your grace allowed any good.
Your grace allowed any good.
Your grace allowed any good.
Nothing from me.
Open hands I set the good free.
No longer to be held so closely.
This precious heart no longer to be held by clinched fists.
I trust this healing.
I trust this future.
Lord, You’ve done Your part.
Help me to part.

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