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Rewired Repentance Part 2

June 27, 2019


Your righteous judgement of my sin: “Death.”
Something had to die
The payment too great
The chasm too wide.
But instead of my life,
Instead of my blood,
You burst through the Heavens
Giving us Your Son
Who willingly took our place.
The gavel and Judge resound
About to ring the sentence
I turn to hear the sound.
His voice so sweet, so divine
He speaks only a question
Never accusing me, only kind.
“Do you love Me?”
This question burns in my chest
Three times He asks
My answer three times a “Yes!”
He never asked for the shedding of my blood,
Never asked for my tears,
Never asked for my shame,
Never asked for my hands and side to be pierced.
“Dear daughter, do you love Me?”
Is all He asked.
True repentance comes when
“Yes, Lord, I love you” I respond at last.

John 21

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