Lament Repentance

Waves of Hope- Psalm 42

June 13, 2019



I have been deaf for far too long,
Your voice completely silenced.
You were speaking, Your lips moved,
But I never heard the sirens.
The calls that a storm would pass through echoed,
But I never heard the warnings.
I hardened my heart believing
I could quench all my deepest longings,
Until Your waves and billows roared
Over my head, I was drowning.
The ocean floor where I kept my footing
Became unstable, Your breakers now abounding.
In my affliction I cried out,
Humbling myself under Your mighty hand.
I felt the breath leave my lungs,
And just in time I heard Your command:
“Peace! Feel My steadfast love.
Hear My lullabies in the night.
Though the floods of weeping tarry,
The dawn will come.
You shall again praise My Name.
After the storm there will be a calm,
When hope becomes your healing balm,
There is where you’ll praise Me
Amongst the righteous throng.”

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