I Am Eve

April 26, 2019



I took one look at the fruit
One glance is all it took
For envy, greed, lust, to take root
And become the costliest bite in the book.

I held it in my hands
Rubbed the skin raw
Trying to make my wish
Worshipping, hoping it would be my all.

I went mad believing I was starving
Hungry for love, acceptance, satisfaction
But, knowing all along it would leave me empty
The warring in my soul split by faction.

Still its limited beauty draws me in
To make me wise in the world’s eyes
I continue to run to its embrace
Believing the enemy’s destructive lies.

I love its taste
I hate its master
I love its biting grip
I hate its anger.

Deep kind.

Deep kiss.

A friend of the world,
A friend of the King?
Two masters I serve
Help me Lord, break free…

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