Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

Do I Need A Reason?

February 7, 2019


Do I need a reason
To basque in your present beauty?
To enjoy each line and crease on your face
Do I withhold my love, my duty?

Does a flower need a reason
To catch her watcher’s eye?
Do its dainty petals ask
“Why do you love my blooms, Oh watcher, please tell me why?”

The only reason that is needed
Is this gentle reminder instead,
That you were shaped and fashioned by the Creator
His hands formed you, His Spirit the thread.

How could I not be in awe
Of the masterpiece you are?
Your fruits are God’s good gifts to the world
Bringing close what was once so far.

If taken to the ends of the universe
To see all of it’s incredible sights,
I would ask to gaze upon your face
You, the brightest star in the darkest of nights.

Do I need a reason
To admire His royal diadem,
You, the crown in the Father’s hand
To peer into your eyes, your soul, like sapphire gems?

Surely, I do not.
For you were carefully crafted by the Greatest Artist
Designed by the all wise, all knowing,
I do not need a reason.

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