Florida Weather

November 11, 2018


The heat of the summer sun brings temptation.
A love for the world so thick, so strong.
But, the way of escape comes in unsuspecting rains and downpours.
Through song, through Word, the Spirit’s ability to keep.
The heat overcomes, reveals the chains, the cords.
The heat turns to autumn
Where beneath my feet,
The crunching of leaves
Too often reminds me that my hopes and dreams are crushed.
Blown with the chill of the breeze,
But, the heat comes back
Reminding me
That because I lack
Death will soon crouch at my door.
Waiting to have me.
Waiting to remind me my womb still weeps
For the children who will never grow;
The man who doesn’t know
That his words like daggers
Trigger a hopeless scene of merely existing.
When will I wake up from this dream?
Oh God…
This Florida weather. It’s afflicting me.

“But would you rather
Go back  to a lifeless landscape,
Where nothing grows and bitter cold
Grips the very air from your lungs?
You have to know…
Without the heat  and the falling leaves,
The pain of  your broken dreams,
You’ll never know the  joy
Spring brings.
When new life begins and the sun sets,
When the fireflies dance at night.
With the heat comes escape.
Like Daniel, I’ll be with you in the flame,
You will not be tempted beyond your means,
These dead things you’ll soon see redeemed.
My bride, just wait.
Life will soon return.
My chosen child, I am your God,
Walk before me
Faithfully. Blamelessly.”

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