June 26, 2018



Before the Morning burst into light
Shining into the void of darkness,
Anticipation of the Helper’s presence
Wisdom from God on high incarnate.

Creation brought forth
In brilliance of the morning,
The first day exploded into existence
All without warning.

So I sit quietly in the early hours
Before light spills into my day,
I feel Your Spirit hover
My Savior show me the way.

Let the beams of your mercy shine
Your grace be ever full,
Let your Word protect my heart
As when creation never knew sin’s pull.

Lord I wait for you in the morning
As you enter my world, my heart, my thoughts,
Just as you entered creation that day
As a baby, our freedom You bought.

You’re always there.
Waiting. Hovering.
Patiently near.

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    As usual—excellent

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