Lament Poetry

Bitterness of Soul Psalm 73

June 20, 2018


Oh embittered soul
I dare you.
Show yourself
Make known your brutish ways.
Steal my joy
I dare you
Choke me
Make me ignorant and beastly.
Oh embittered soul
I dare you.
You are no match.
Not for the Righteous One
Swiftly holding my hand,
Arms open to join the Son.
Yes, you may cause my heart to faint
My flesh to fail,
Oh, but there’s hope
You may have caused the nails,
Ravaged loves, hung the noose, tied the ropes.
But God is my strength
My portion forever
You have no hold on me
I will not be enslaved or made a beggar.
Be near, Oh God.
Be my refuge,
That I may tell of your works,
And thank You for what You have done.

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