Poetry Womanhood

Woman, Female, Beauty, Helper

March 1, 2018


Everything was set,
Everything was finished,
Everything was good,
But very good was diminished.
Until the wait was over.

He took her from his side
Each curve and each line
Perfectly placed for Adam to trace,
He couldn’t believe his eyes
The captivating beauty of God displayed.

The culminating gift that creation needed
Was met in the woman,
She the turning point of not good
Made perfect where man couldn’t.
The empty void and need no longer aching.

Bearing the image of her Creator
She became the man’s helper, hisĀ ezer,
One whose strength wins battles
This being beautiful beyond his wildest dreams
The same beauty and strength found in me,
The daughter of Eve.

***Often times when we think of Eve we think of all that went wrong. All that needs to be fixed, straightened, made right. As women we still have this mindset: fix everything. But I want to celebrate the very good creation that Eve was, is and will continue to be through me being a woman. Just as the Holy Spirit waited to come to His people, so Adam had to wait for the helper (his ezer) to come… I represent God as Helper. One whose strength wins battles. My strength in Yahweh.***

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