Adoption Poetry

The Cherry Tree and the Butterfly

February 28, 2018


There was a season
And there was a garden,
In which a sweet Cherry Tree grew
Where this butterfly was hearkened.
She rested on its branches
Quietly and unsuspecting,
Letting the sweet blossoms nourish her soul
Drawing from them, but protecting.
This tree was her favorite tree
Always looking for a place to land,
And rest her weary wings
From the world’s rotten hand.
The Sonshine that shone on this tree
Brought life to the butterfly,
In due season they were meant to be
So the Cherry Tree could know eternity.
Sonshine so warm, Sonshine so sweet,
Calming fears, speaking truth,
Penetrating her very soul
Where only He could soothe.
So what happens when the butterfly flies away?
The sweet scent of the blossoms
Still as fragrant as if they were intoxicating her
Towards life, not considering the losses.
She’ll come back in the next season,
Don’t you worry,
To rest again on her branches
Soak in the Light
Only this time, we will not hurry.
Once again we’ll know the reason…


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