Christian Hedonmism Poetry

A Foretaste of Ecstasy

February 22, 2018


If the things of earth cannot satisfy
Leaving me empty, void and dry,
Then perhaps I was made to be satisfied by Heavenly things.
Things I’ve never seen, heard, smelled, felt or tasted.
Perhaps these foretastes of perfect satisfaction experienced on earth
Are but a fragment of the ecstasy I will experience
When all my hopes, all my desires, all my satisfactions
Are made sight in the face of my Jesus, the Christ.
Even my words fall short now
As they become flat and broken and skewed.
So, I dream.
I let the created world infiltrate my mind, full steam.
Sunsets and sunrises, the stars and the moon,
The beauty of creation are but a foretaste
To the Perfect face I will see soon.
The melodies of the sweetest songs
And hearing “I love you” from the lips of a child
Is but a foretaste to the True voice for which my heart longs.
The exotic fruits of this world
Decadent to the tongue,
Reminding me of the foretaste I’m given
Until the Living Water I drink, God’s Son
Satisfies me, all my desires, every single one.
The fragrant blossom in the spring
The sweet smell of summer rains on the pavement,
Are but a foretaste He will bring
When I breathe in the scent of my Savior,
Imagine with me, what will be the flavor?
Touching and being touched
As my skin responds with chills,
The hands of my lover’s embrace
Is but a foretaste of the One who will still
My beating heart with His hand of grace.
If the first touch I felt by Him brought me to life
As He fashioned and formed me with His hand,
With the second eternity is written
His promised Spirit my wedding band.
Oh LORD, I wait
Patiently for the second coming,
Entertaining Your romancing me.
Passion for You this song I’m humming.

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