Lament Poetry

Psalm 142 Come

January 17, 2018

At the sound of the first whimper
Your eyes open and they see
Your ears ready to hear
The deep cries Your child breathes.
You come to my side ready
As You move the Heavens to draw near,
Save me, Father, I call
For it is the enemy I now fear.
Before the first tear begins to fall
You’ve already made a way
To attend to my cries for mercy,
On Your bosom I long to lay.
Bring me out of this prison, Father
Take me from this cave,
Where chaos seems to abound
That I may give thanks to Your holy Name.
What does a father do
When his baby cries aloud
But come running to his side,
Even so, You’ll come on the clouds.
With truth and justice in Your stead
You’ll bring us home with You,
Take us from our orphaned land
Where our cries will be brand new.
No longer drenched in painful tears
But with amazement and our praise
When we shall cry to the One who saves our souls,
The Ancient of Days.

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