Christian Hedonmism Poetry

Interview with the Creator

December 11, 2017

apple.God, what were You thinking
When You created him?
You knew the lives he’d destroy
You knew the pain he’d cause
The fallen angels he’d employ.

God what were You thinking,
You knew the invaluable price
The cost of Your son,
To purchase back Your bride.

God what were You thinking,
Letting him cause the chaos
That makes Your babies cry
The hearts he’d crush violently, lie by lie.

God what were You thinking
By letting him in
To the garden of the firstborn men
The birth of all this sin.

God what were You thinking
You see now the righteous suffer,
You see Your people bleed
I believe, but God, my God, help my unbelief.

God what were You thinking
When he demanded to have Your throne
By deceiving Your precious children,
Did You picture rolling away the stone?
Did you see the boundless victory
As the Son of man burst forth,
This endless mystery
Of the most perfect holy God,
Allowing the enemy in
To play a part in defeating
The weight of all my sin.

God, there are questions that go unanswered
Until we meet face to face,
So I wait for the day, my Lord,
By your mercy give me strength and grace,
To endure a little while longer
Knowing You are stronger
Than the enemy’s lies and schemes, Oh Father.
You have always been stronger, Jesus,
Even when I don’t understand
You make a way to trust you,
You take me by the hand.


**Thank you Lindsay Hudepohl for capturing this incredible picture that sums up the fallen world we live in** 

Photo cred: Lindsay Hudepohl with eLens Photography.

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