Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys

Speaking Over My Beloved

December 5, 2017


My dearest beloved one,
I see you growing
The beauty and fruits of the Spirit
His glory on your face brilliantly glowing.
The steadfastness of your faith, dearest child
In spite of life’s tumultuous seas,
Waiting patiently for our Savior
To lift you from your knees.
There are unknowns and things still to learn,
Roads you must take
And longings for Jesus you must yearn.
Sufferings will come
And disappointments will seemingly travail
But remember God is in control
His love that keeps you will always prevail.
My appeals to the Lord for you
In these recent days
Have been for you to truly know Him
And His limitless ways.
To know His love so deeply
That none else can satisfy,
And for you to be brave, my love
With strength like eagles wings to fly.
So be courageous like the lion,
As the One who created you roars
And never forget you are loved so deeply
Delighted in, and adored.


**The photo chosen for this poem represents a high place where someone might share insight with another about life. Sitting on a high mountain declaring all the beauty that comes from growth. I picture us sitting here once again in complete enjoyment of our Savior, in awe of who He is together, and speaking over you the magnificence of your growth. The reminder that life comes at us hard, but to face it with boldness and courage knowing you have a roaring lion living inside you and eagles wings to carry you through. Never forget, you are delighted in and adored. You are a special special creation, sweet one.**

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    Beautiful. I’d picture you here.

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