Christian Hedonmism Poetry


November 26, 2017


“I want to understand all the facets of light, Louie… I want to know it, comprehend it,” so said my beloved girl to me tonight. “Let’s try to understand it together,” I said.

I hear the sound of light
Coming on the clouds,
The sound of mighty thunder
Where our Creator God can be found.
He speaks and the earth roars
Above the highest heavens
Where light brilliantly tore,
Through thick darkness to overcome
Our rebellious hearts when He spoke,
Through His Son…. LET THERE BE LIGHT!
I smell the beautiful light
As the rains pass through,
The Living Water pours out
Hope we hold on to.
My nostrils are filled with amazement
As I breathe in deep His steadfast love,
The water He provides
From heavenly storehouses above.
I feel the warmth of the Light
Upon my cold and wanting frame,
Yearning to feel His arms around me
So I ask in His Holy Name,
To bring the warmth of His light
To this thirsty soul of mine,
I wait with full assurance
He makes all things beautiful in their time.
With the warmth of His hands
His touch fashions our hearts
To their required form;
He knows all the deepest parts,
For the light from His essence
Is now made known in each of us,
We His beloved children know He is enough.
Light gone forth in kindness
Since it was first spoken,
My soul now knows its first love
To its beauty it has been awoken.
Oh God, let your light shine
Let it continuously display
A greater understanding of our faith,
Illuminating hope, You, the Way.
The created creatures both big and small,
In the deepest oceans
In the highest trees so tall
Follow your Light as it is seen
Leading us to a Greater Light,
A magnificent sun beam.
Drawing us with its sight, its sound, its smell, its warmth,
We are laid low by Your power, Oh God,
Even the light from the stars point north…
To the furthest heights,
To the highest peaks,
Your light reaches the nations,
The least of these.
Come Lord Jesus, with Your light,
Set us free.

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