Christian Hedonmism

Every Creature, Every Generation

November 15, 2017

“Praise the LORD! Oh gives thanks to the LORD, for He is good, for His steadfast love endures forever! Who can utter the mighty deeds of the LORD, or declare all His praise?” – Psalm 106:1-2


There was a time when I lived for the splintering of a sunset whose rays would spill over into the moment in which I was fixated. Rich hues of colorful expression through God’s most glorious design for creation would be my anthem as I sang of His infinite and limitless wisdom throughout my early Christian walk. The songs of the heavens and whales and stars and all that moved on the earth became the awe that filled my heart with wonder and adoration of a God most creative and limitless in His creativity. I likened these moments to when Brian would bring me sweet gifts to woo my affections toward him. These gifts pointed me to a deeper love that he had for me. A love that would win my unity to him in marriage and be the conduit in which I viewed all other loves. These gifts were often beautiful, dazzling, creative, and sometimes expensive. One of those gifts I wear on my left hand as a reminder that I am his and he is mine for all time. The wooing of my heart was quick, hard, and fast. These moments in time when God’s created wooed my heart into relationship with Him cannot be numbered. I could never tell of the wisdom and deeds in His blessing me with eyes that can see the intricacies of an unknown flower, or the ears to hear the perfect pitch of a bumble bee dancing from flower to flower in the key of A. One human, one flower, one beautiful animal, one mountain could never utter the mighty deeds of the Lord. flowersThere aren’t enough humans who carry out the many facets of our Creator God with His infinite character traits, there aren’t enough ways that the created will ever be able to utter the praises and the glory due His name. There aren’t enough opportunities in the small, mundane, and every day moments to experience the fullness of our beautiful God. By God’s grace He allows us to experience Him, be wooed by His everlasting fountain of love, through His precious created world. But it doesn’t end there… Just like Brian wooed my heart with beautiful and extravagant gifts to draw me into knowing and understanding a deeper more abiding love, so our God romances us into His everlasting arms that prove to be more satisfying than all these temporal things could. Yet, here they are… the echo of His love for us. Let Him draw you into Himself… What you’ll find there is a fountain that never runs dry. mountains1Ten thousand years, ten thousand generations, ten thousand years of flowers and animals and stars and planets revolving around the sun and lovers living out their enjoyment of God’s creation is not and will never be enough to utter to the wondrous deeds, the magnificence of our God! Ten thousand generations of God’s wondrous deeds displayed in creation, our moments, their moments, future moments, still don’t express or utter the praises of our God… Ten thousand years of mercies being new every morning still are only but WHISPERS of God’s glory. Ten thousand years of babies born, sin overcome, grace given… these are but glimpses of what is to come.

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