Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

Granny’s Quilt

October 30, 2017


I love having people in my home. Sitting on my couch with one of my Granny’s quilt’s, a cup of coffee, and a talking about Jesus… That’s a perfect storm for my soul to be joyous. I love sharing the warmth of these quilts with my beloveds. Together we sit and revel in the power of our glorious Savior while we shed tears and help one another endure, all the while wrapped in one of my Granny’s quilts…

In the quiet of her home
She chooses the fabric carefully,
Without an eye to see her
She stitches the patterns gracefully.

With each piece joined together
And her prayers for those to be held,
Granny’s quilt is taking shape
A masterpiece of love begins to swell.

Each night that quietly passed
And every morning just the same,
Granny prayed for the babies to be wrapped
In her precious Savior’s name.

But Granny never got to see
The babies of her kin,
The children not of her lineage
But those who were grafted in.

The ones for whom she prayed
And steadfastly labored away,
The babies Jesus gave
To know His saving grace.

Granny’s quilt wraps His babies
As they gently begin to cry,
And I’m reminded that our prayers are answered
Not just Granny’s, but yours and mine.

The blue eyed babe that was held tonight
Cried into the fabric stitched with love,
Feeling the warmth and graciousness of our Jesus
And of His seeing her from above.

The handiwork of my Granny’s quilt
Shows how our weakness is our strength,
As the feeble fingers stitched and prayed
For us to know God’s steadfast love…
The height, the breadth,  the length.

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