Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

Enduring Together

October 10, 2017


With tears that fall from your eyes,
More blue than before
They are asking the same question,
Am I loved?
Does it really reach higher than the skies?

With heartfelt earnestness
I try to answer this question,
I persist with words of adoration
Not just for you, but for our Savior’s
Perfect Love and perfect justice.

Oh how I wish you could see
All that our Jesus has done,
In his death, burial and resurrection
While you and I were still sinners
He died to set us free.

The essence of our Lord is love
He freely gives His life,
Justifying us as a gift of grace
Reaching down from the Heavens
The fullness of Himself given to us.

So you ask, dear one
If you are truly loved,
It couldn’t be more clearer
That He chose you, redeemed you
Through the gift of His Son.

Let this overwhelm you
That you are His child,
For He knows you, formed you,
Made you to know His Name
Speak this to your heart, this is Truth.

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