Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

Created Creating

October 2, 2017


As the melodies of creation
Enter into your beautiful soul,
I watch your fingers glide gracefully
Across the piano keys so bold.

For from them come the harmonies
Of secret songs sung by the Heavens,
From the Father’s throne they come down
Moving the hearts of those who listen.

He created you to create
To identify with Him,
And use these angel songs
To remind us we are no longer held captive
By the curse of fleshly sin.

You join the stars, my love
In singing praises to our God,
Being inspired by the One who speaks galaxies into existence
The beauty of suffering’s laud.

Thoughts of who our Creator is
Dances through your creative mind,
As the Spirit takes control
Until only He is the One you find.

Never stop singing, my beloved
Never stop bringing glory to His Name,
Be the hands and feet of Jesus
Through song tell of His glorious fame.

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