Christian Hedonmism Poetry

Welcome In…

September 25, 2017


King Hezekiah is probably my new favorite human in Scripture. In 2 Kings 20 he was given 15 extra years of life. A sign was given to him by the prophet Isaiah as a promise that God had done this for him. The sun was brought back 10 steps to prove to Hezekiah that God had healed him and added the years to his life. However, silly man that he was, he welcomed in what would be the greatest enemy that Israel would face: the Babylonians. The Babylonians were just beginning to become a great nation at this time. Hezekiah thought it would be a good thing to welcome in these leaders to his palace, his country, his land. He boasted of all he had. He boasted of his great riches and showed them everything he owned, “there was nothing in his house or in all his realm that Hezekiah did not show them” (2 Kings 20:13). Never once did he boast in the greatness of His God who gave to him all the riches of the kingdom. Never once did he share of the grace of God that allowed him to become the great king that he was. And there I find myself… welcoming folks into my life boasting in my wisdom, my suffering, my relationships, my plans, my riches, my treasures, my beauty; never once pointing to the maker and giver of it all…


I wait at the door and welcome in,
Those to see all I have been given.
Friendships, treasures, sufferings, plans,
All to see what I have.

I lay myself naked, bare, and open
For just a moment hoping
That the praise of man would be given
Not to Jesus, but to me.

I let you in to see my strength,
I let you in to see my wisdom,
I let you in to see my wealth,
I let you in to see my beauty.
Never once pointing to the One who created it all.

Oh Lord, what am I boasting in?
Did I create the heavens and earth?
Did I number the stars and give them each a name?
Do I know when your creatures give birth?

How weak and frail am I,
That I should boast in myself.
How just you are, Oh God,
And good in the way you melt
The idolatry of self from my heart.

You offer yourself instead
To satisfy my longings,
Your kindness leads me to repent,
No longer condemned but belonging
To your family. Your Kingdom. Your wisdom. Your beauty. Your suffering. Your friendship. Your power. Your goodness. Your grace.


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