Christian Hedonmism Poetry

Waiting for Egypt to Die

September 6, 2017


The children of Israel faced the temptation in a way that I face temptation: do I go back to Egypt? Or do I wait? Do I wait on the God who redeems my soul from the pit over and over again? Or do I seek worldly comforts, some of which are God’s good gifts to me, BEFORE going to Him? Oh that my soul would wait patiently, like a weaned child who desires not only the milk, but the comfort it brings. When my soul is in periods of waiting, it reveals my truest loves. Wean my soul, dearest LORD, by causing me to wait…

Waiting for the answers,
Waiting for the results.
Waiting for the forgiveness,
Waiting for Him to redeem my faults.
Waiting to be satisfied,
Waiting for the rains.
Waiting for comfort,
Waiting in His name.
Waiting for the growth,
Waiting to be rescued.
Waiting for desires
Waiting for them to be made new.
Do I go back to Egypt
Where in horses and chariots I trust?
Where slavery was my keeper
Provisions available to feed my lust.
Waiting to see a God
Who has never before been seen,
Waiting for my chariot to crumble
And my horses to die and bleed.
Waiting for all my worldly comforts
To be loved less than my King,
The One who acts and delights in showing mercy
My desperation, to Him I bring.
Waiting for Him to act
For those who patiently trust,
Waiting for eternity
In his steadfast love.

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