Lament Poetry

The Insanity of Unbelief- Spoken Word

August 30, 2017


Like the cunning of a snake
Doubt and fear creep in,
Ready, always read to take
The joy of the saint.
Stealing the very breath within
Their battle weary lungs
Halting the praises
And glorious songs sung,
They’re dragged into the pit of unbelief.

Oh this enemy called unbelief
Forgets to recount His wondrous deeds,
Searching, always searching
For comfort or relief
From life’s fiercest tumultuous seas.
Lies straight from Hell
Telling us He hears us not,
That he will not satisfy
So we get caught
In the pit of unbelief.

Exchanging the Truth of God’s forgiveness
For the disgusting lie
That my sin is stronger than His business
Of redeeming my life from the pit,
So, I cry out, “What can I fight with,
In this pit of unbelief?”

In my poor and needy state
Holding my hands out
Waiting with empty plate
The lie sinks deep into my heart,
The lie that His provision will never come
From this God who owns cattle on a thousand hill,
And although our time is like grass on earth
He causes us to flourish
Like a flower in the field,
Still, yet, I enter willingly, into the pit of unbelief.

So what could be the remedy
For this soul’s desperate sickness?
What could ever inoculate me against it
In order to believe in the Lord’s richness?
The remedy begins…
I sing a song to my soul,
One from ages past
That welled up inside
A shepherd boy when he asked
Simply, “Hear my prayer oh Lord.”

The cry of a humbled servant
Praising the Maker of his soul,
With his whole self he worshipped the Savior
The only One who could make him whole.
Truth ravaging my unbelief
Reaching into the pit
With words that embalm my soul
Satisfying me with more of Him.
His holiness…
His beauty…
With all I have ever longed or will ever long for…
My Savior…
My Abba…
My God.

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