Christian Hedonmism Poetry


April 26, 2017


The Kingliness of David
Arrayed in stately garb
Became the man we now know
As the man after God’s own heart.
This King of Israel who knew such sweet Truths
About our God and One True King
With His harp and lyre in hand
Would shout, “Let’s all the nations sing!”
He, in awe of all the earth’s creative splendors
And with the groanings too deep for words,
Would cry out to the God of the universe
“Forgive me, heal my deepest hurts.”
But the seed of David came in much greater majesty,
Our Savior and our Love,
To be a greater David
His kingdom from above.
The grandeur of our Great God
Arrayed in robes of righteousness
Became flesh and blood for His children
As the Author of their holiness.
Among the many nations
There has never been, nor will there be
A King like Him on earth,
By His blood we are set free!
What other King would leave His throne on high
To be woven together in His mother’s womb,
And take our place on that cross
And walk out of the tomb.
He is the One True God,
I will worship Him
Praise Him,
Live for Him,
And give my every breathe for Him.

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