Christian Hedonmism Poetry

National Poetry Month: Contrasting Promise

April 20, 2017

burning flowers

Listen closely to my thoughts. I’m sure you’ve had the same thoughts. Thoughts about DESPERATELY wanting to be satisfied. To have your every desire, want, insatiable hunger completely reconciled. However, we are living between two worlds: the already (Christ having SATISFIED the wrath of the Father in His righteous anger towards sinners), and the not yet (the glorious second coming of Christ!). Our hope as believers lies in the fact that CHRIST satisfied the GLORIOUS, INSANELY LARGE, wrath of God (Romans 5:9). So, what makes us think that this same Christ cannot satisfy our easily satisfied human hearts? The same hearts in which He created each chamber and vessel (Psalm 139)? This war for the satisfaction of our deepest souls and hearts will continue until our faith is made sight in the face of Jesus Christ. Until then, we battle. We wage war against the enemy. We believe in the promises of our Savior when He says that “[He] satisfies the longing soul with good things”.

My flesh desires evil,
Wants to rest in this lying promise
That lust and burning passion satisfy,
But such will never calm us.
For we need something brighter
Sharper, stronger,
That goes more than skin deep.
We need our hearts and souls renewed
For our Savior we must weep.
The battle to have me wages on
Until that blessed day
When I find rest for my soul
Satisfied in His bosom I will lay.
Oh, how I shake and tremble in fear
Of the One who rescues from the waves.
A new promise I now hear,
“I am near, I am near,
With you always, my dear!”

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