Discipleship- Pauls and Timothys Poetry

My Daugher, My Sister, My Beloved Friend

March 29, 2017


My beloved sunflower
Grown in the summer sun
Watered gently by pursuing love,
Growth only begun.

I’ve watched her in the field
Patiently waiting her time,
She’s fairer and more beautiful
What a good gift, not just mine.

A gift for all the world to see
The beauty created in her,
And a scent of perfect love
As she brings hope of the Creator.

This sunflower is the most precious one
A tender, loving bloom
That He displays His most wondrous work in
Where His beauty shines through.

So I watch in wonder and amazement
As this tiny sunflower toils
Under the heat of the summer sun
Her sacrifice to the Lord.
He waters her gently
And makes her grow big and strong
The greatest act in all of creation
That in His bouquet she now belongs.

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