Christian Hedonmism Poetry

Rejoicing in the Night: Response to the Cries throughout the Day

March 8, 2017


Rejoice, Oh my soul
That He walks with you in the morning,
Where His mercy is brand new
And with His righteousness He’s adorning.

Rejoice, Oh my soul
That He breathes His peace within you,
So deep inside your being
Only where His eyes inside you are seeing.

When your heart condemns you,
Remember not the former things,
He is doing a new thing now
And He will bring it to completion.

So rejoice, Oh my soul!
That the deeps are satisfied,
With the riches of His glory
In Him you will abide.

What more could be sweeter
Than to know my Savior’s love?
With His left hand under my head
And His right embracing His precious dove
Holding me until the day breathes
And the dawn appears,
You, dearest Lord, I am in awe of.

Lord, when you walk down the aisle
To receive your purified bride,
We’ll be hand in hand, my God
Taken from Your side.

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