Christian Hedonmism Lament Poetry

Cries through the Day

March 6, 2017


In the midst of Your undeserved kindness
There is still doubt that abounds
Stealing joy and wrecking my soul
Beating drum of my heart as it pounds.

It grips me
I can’t move
My Help
Will you hear?
Don’t leave me
Don’t let me stray
Oh, Jesus.

Will there be a release
From the condemnation of the enemy
Or is this Your conviction
Reminding me of my identity.

My God
Oh Abba
Come to my aid
Draw me close
Will you see me
Hold me
Lift me up.

My soul is troubled within me, Lord
I wait for relief,
But what will you do
With my mountain of unbelief?

Shine Lord
Remind me
Hold me fast
My light
My salvation
My hope

I know You hear me, Father
Your Word tends to me
So I’ll wait for you, my God
Until the day breathes and shadows flee.

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