March 5, 2017


There’s a quiet in my soul tonight
That only comes through shedding tears
An offering of repentance
For the distance and the fears.

I run so fast from His outstretched arms
And create my own to hold,
They never fully satisfy
Instead, suffocating and cold.

Through His kindness He draws me close
Bidding me to come very near,
The promises of His everlasting love
My hardened heart longs to hear.

He brings me back so many times
Though I push Him to the side,
Speaking tender mercies all brand new
Grace washes over me like an ocean tide.

How precious to me are your thoughts, Oh God!
If counted they outnumber the sands
The number of the stars do not come close either
In You alone I stand.

No longer condemned and guilty
Your righteousness my plea,
Hear Your child crying tonight
In Your mercy, I beg, answer me!
My God the justifier,
By faith I abide in thee.

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