Brian Saylor ICE

January 25, 2017


His brown eyes seem to smile at me
Even when his words seem harsh and angry
There is still some assemblance of his empathy.
Like a dream they pull me in
And before I know it
He has my heart passionately lit
With pursuing love that grabs on
Never lets go
And has me drawn
To become one with him.
This man with his dark beard
And smooth voice melts away
All that I once violently feared.
In his arms I am safe
From the darkness inside myself
That I think I hide, put on a shelf.
But, he’s always there
Constant, knowing, hearing
Never disappearing.
Am I describing Christ?
The one I am bound to,
The one that walks through
All the roads of this world with me
Hand in hand, side by side.
Oh, the one whom my soul loves,
I desire you, I yearn for you,
The years of commitment we’ve been through,
Smooth us out,
Make us like Him,
Drive out the doubt
That love ends. It never does.
At least not with us.

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