Admittance from the Dust

January 23, 2017


I am nothing but dust
Grass burned up by the sun
Blackened in soul by uncontrollable lust.
I am afflicted in heart
Suffering because of this fallen world
And the sin in which
I so desirously take part.
I am desperate.
Desperate for the touch to my flesh
And the respite
From the curse’s unrelenting call.
Then suddenly…
Your splendor breaks forth right into the fall.
With Your manifested glory
You sing over me with redemption’s
Unfolding beautiful story.
The narrative of grace
And how Your holiness becomes mine,
I am beautiful in Your eyes,
Your love, better than wine.
You call me Your love,
Your familiar, Your friend, Your companion.
These You speak over me
As I raise my heart to You in complete abandon.
This sweet communion
Oh how I see,
It’s you, My Lord
The One whom my soul loves so free!

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