What Greatness- Psalm 145

January 18, 2017


The self authenticating greatness of the Lord,
Blows past my existence,
As all my senses are wildly intoxicated
By His sweet persistence.
Ears to hear the power of His Word,
Eyes to see the flight of birds
And these eyes look to You
The maker of Heaven and of earth.

My hands feel and are felt.
Our skin tingles at the touch,
Living all these experiences I ask,
Can I take love in this much?
Your hand open to satisfy all the desires of our hearts.

I taste the bread that shall not be lived on alone,
As I pant for the Waters
Though my soul aloud it groans.
You preserve all who love You,
And speak life to the seeds You have sewn.

The unsearchable greatness of my God
Revealed in whispers of His splendor,
It makes my heart desperately wonder
How loud His glory rocks and reels in the thunder.

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