What If?

January 9, 2017


What if I believed
That You are the drink
That I will receive
And never thirst again?
What if, like a tree
I could live out hope
When cut down and be,
with my roots old in the earth,
A stump dead in the soil?
Would just the scent of Your living water
Be like the Holy Spirit
Brushing past my soul
Causing faith to bud within me
And put out branches alive and free
In the place You’ve allotted?
A way to share Your love
To those who find rest
Under its shade, peace like a dove,
Embraced in the arms You’ve created
To extend compassion from Your well.
What if, You made me to be
Like the dead and barren tree
To display the unimaginable mystery
Of Your speaking life to this old flesh
With just the scent of a Father’s love?
Oh that fragrance would awaken
A passion for unspeakable satisfaction
A faith unwavering, not shaken
Fulfilling the unknown and deepest roots
Of a tree planted, raised up to life,
And nurtured by a magnificent God!
With meekness I ask, then
For You, my Savior,
To pour out Your living water
Deep, deep down in me forever.

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