A Soul Satisfied Yet Desires Unmet

January 6, 2017


There’s a burning satisfaction within my desperate soul
Which comes from Your Spirit
Assuring me I am whole.
However, the fight in my flesh
Never fully satisfied,
Wanting something less.
Less enchanting, less beautiful,
This war will never cease
Life long and consumable
I long for rest and peace.
With desperate supplication I beg,
For you to reconcile the two
Whether this side of Heaven
I wait longingly for You.
“Whoever believes in Me,
As Scripture has proved,
Out of his heart flow rivers of living waters”,
Does this include me too?
My soul is fully satisified,
But flesh screams to be fulfilled
Holy Spirit, I cling
To His blood, which was spilled.
My hope stays, my flesh wanes,
Two warring against each other
I know you move the mountains,
To hear all of these complaints.
I trust You,
How could I not?
I feel You,
Even when my bones they rot.
You alone are steadfast and unmovable
Limitless in strength,
You bring order out of chaos,
This is includes my condemning heart.

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