December 23, 2016


God, I bring all these questions.

Will they go unanswered?

I do not know.

But this I do:

That you are sovereign

And in control

From the beast of the field

to the birds of the air

The creeping things

and every strand of hair,

You know them all.

So, this love I know not of

Is it reserved for only few?

Or only for those

Who painfully knew

The gift of bringing life

Into the world?

I ask, if it is good for me

To know this kind of love,

Would it be ok

If I felt it too?

Or must the hope be deferred

In order to endure?

Must I never experience this

In my moment of time?

Oh these questions

I cry out to you and find

A deep deep well.

Just when I think

The suffering is done

You’ve done all

The victory won

To perfect Yourself through it,

You open it up again

And remind me, “My grace is sufficient”.

So, while no one is around

I ask you to hold

To reveal this steadfast love

From Your Word I am told

Is the well from which I draw

Refreshing waters and deep abiding grace.

When I look to You

And trescend these desires

To fix my eyes upon Your face.

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