Instead of Me

November 14, 2016

Instead of defending your rights
You quieted Yourself without a fight.
Instead of desiring Your flesh
Your flesh was beaten, a bloody mess.
Instead of a legion of angels worshiping at Your feet
A battalion of bloodthirsty men,
A crown of thorns you would meet.
Instead of being crowned a King
Your throne became a tree.
Instead of the created singing praises due your Name
Crowds mocked, I do the same.
Instead of eternal separation from You
Grace, riches, an inheritance I am not due.
Instead of the death I deserve
A home in Your Kingdom, I am reserved.
Instead of the abandonment I once knew
You became my Father, no longer an orphan too.
What else can be said?
What else can be done?
Our Great God gave His Son.
Instead of me.

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