For My Beloved One

October 28, 2016

Return, Oh my soul,

From the dust by which you came.

Take heart again

Lift high your hands

And worship His holy name!

Lift your eyes

And gaze upon

Your perfect and lovely groom

The shame and guilt now gone.

Who can withstand

This fierce and passionate love?

If we tried we would only land

Right back in His great big arms.

They are ready to receive, embrace, redeem,

And purchase us once again.

Listen, dear one,

Hear His heart victoriously sing!

Lay near the place

Where His healing streams doth flow.

Drink deep, breathe long and hard

Until all the broken places

No longer bare the scares,

Of a past made beautiful

Never will He part.

So stand strong and endure

For this I know for sure

You are loved beyond measure,

His perfect and lovely treasure.

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