In the Whirlwind

October 27, 2016

mongolI wrote this poem while sitting by a lake on a windy fall day a couple weeks ago…

Oh mighty winds,

Where the breath of God doth flow.

Speak in the whirlwind, Father

Where my fear of you can grow.

Make the trees to clap in praise

And cause the ripple on the waves

To show your Mighty Presence

As I feel you against my face.

When the winds come

And crash against me

May they throw me against the arms that free

For the wind is where His glory seen

Causes my heart

To beat and dream

For the place His voice can be clearly heard

And no longer needs the flight of birds

To show just how His breathe sustains

All creatures of our God and King.

Lift up those downcast eyes

And as the wind blows against you

Hold your arms open wide

Never forget the day the wind blew.

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