Holy Hand Holding in Texas

March 21, 2016

bluebonnetsFriday was the official start of my spring break for this school year, and boy did it come at just the right time! My older sister and I decided to go on a road trip to Austin, Texas to visit our oldest sister. So far, I have to say, Texas is where it’s at! Driving down we were able to witness the most amazing sunrise, fields and fields of the Texas bluebonnets, and a few restless moments with my sister’s two boys. I didn’t get to attend my home church this morning, but I was able to get in the Word and enjoy God’s presence and tenderness through the prophet Isaiah… This led me to the title of this post… “Holy Hand Holding”.

I remember getting off a plane when I was 3 years old after having spent my last summer with my birth father in New York City. I wouldn’t see him again until I was 12, and then not again until I was 18. He bought me a new pair of gym shoes while in NYC. As I was exiting the plane a strange man was with my mother. I was too busy admiring my new shoes as I was getting off the plane to notice that the man was walking towards me. He quickly grabbed my right hand and started asking me questions about my shoes. I didn’t know this man…But I began to tell him all about my new shoes. I told him about how they light up when I walk and how they velcro because I didn’t know how to ACTUALLY tie shoes yet. He acted like he was interested in all that I had to say. This man eventually married my mom and became my step dad. He adopted me in his heart as his own child. Little did I know that God would use this experience to show me more of Himself and His own love for me as His daughter.

As I read Isaiah 41:13 today I couldn’t help but remember that day I got off the plane and my step dad grabbed me by the right hand and led me to a new life. “For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, ‘Fear not, I am the one who helps you’.” This kind of Holy hand holding can only be displayed through the HOLY Father who lovingly comes alongside me to protect, guide, and rejoice over me like the GOOD GOOD FATHER that He is and I His most beloved daughter looking adoringly at Him through eyes of a little girl. Oh God, may I never lose my sense of wonder of how he speaks through His Word and redeems the most ugliest of times in life. Thank you Lord…


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