Barrenness Poetry

When He Answers

January 19, 2016


As I rocked my empty arms
Many years ago,
I prayed God would fill them
With children I could hold.
Little did I know
That He would hear my prayers so clear,
And bring me these broken people
To rock right now, right here.
Did I know the story would unfold this way,
When He would redeem and save?
The barrenness of a woman
That prayer answered today.
Though, I am no one’s Momma
No one calls my name,
My arms are open wide,
To love just the same.
I am no longer barren
My name is not “Ashamed”.
God lets me rock His babies
To show how He saves.
Because He is my Father,
And I His “Delighted One”,
I care for His children
His daughters and His sons.

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