September 8, 2007

September 4, 2015

Our lives are but a vapor

In the grandiose scheme of man
But when I search God a little deeper
I see His sovereign plan.
“Plans to fulfill you says”, The Lord.
To be the Rock on which you stand.
And when I see this life around me
I’m reminded once again.
That The Lord thinks eternal
To our home in a Glory land.
When all seems lost and hopeless
I know He will, he can
Reach down to this mere mortal clay
And whisper “I’m here. I’m holding you each and every day.”
His plan for my marriage, my spouse, my friend,
For when I think about him
This man I loved so dear,
I’m reminded of my savior
And the love we shared throughout the years.
It was not by chance that a young girl
came to know the Saviors love.
But because of the man He gave me

I am more like the one who Saved and set me free.

Marriage is sanctifying, it is the reveal-er of all things dirty

But, God is our foundation strong… sturdy…

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